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Aion360 - Professional Electrostatic

 Cleaning Services 

During these tough times concerning the COVID-19 virus, you've worked hard to do all you can to ensure the safety of those you love. Whether it is your employees, customers or attenders.  The research has proven that traditional cleaning alone is not enough and advanced protective measures are essential. Not only is it important to protect those you love, but to give them  peace of mind to know that the world's best  technology is being used to ensure their safety.  


Introducing Aion Pro Serves, 360 Electrostatic Disinfected Treatment. This Revolutionary Technology is the first choice for our clients in attacking pathogens and disinfecting in hard to reach places that traditional methods cannot.

This powerful Disinfecting Treatment that used to be limited to only the largest of Corporations and Hospitals, is now available to you at a very affordable cost.

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